Understanding Vinyl on Cricut Iron

If you are wondering how some printing shops and art works produce perfect cuts on their projects and tasks, well that’s how cricut machines work.  Cricut machine is a die-cutting machine.  Cricut heat transfer vinyl is one of the new technology used.

It looks like a printer but it doesn’t print your work, but it cuts.  An artist may create an image on the computer through its software, send the image to the machine and the cricut machine will cut your image perfectly. 

Yes, that’s truly amazing and helpful for printing shop businesses.  And what’s greater about such machine is that, it works on different materials: paper, vinyl, fabric, craft foam, sticker paper or even faux.

Vinyl on Cricut Iron

There are many types of materials that you can use with cricut machine.  One of these is the vinyl.  Here’s how it is done:

  • Place vinyl liner side down onto the Cricut Iron.
  • Select images and size and load the mat into the machine.
  • Refer to the Guide that comes with the machine in order to adjust its settings.
  • Press the flash button and then it will proceed to cutting.

When using the Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • First, remove the negative pieces from each of the images, leaving the clear liner intact.  This process is known as weeding.  Using the weeding tool found in the toolkit, the process becomes faster and easier.
  • Remove the transfer tape liner.
  • Gently place the transfer tape on the images.  In order to prevent bubbles, one can start in the center and move out toward the edges.  One may use a craft stick or a scraper to polish the tape onto the vinyl.
  • Peel away the vinyl liner at a 45-degree angle.  There are times when the vinyl does not separate from the liner.  When this happens, simply burnish the Transfer Tape onto the vinyl and peel away again.