Fun Facts About Sleepwear

Sleepwear, like fashion, depends on your personal preferences. Your sleepwear choices dictates the level of comfort you can have while you are sleeping. But have you ever wondered how this sleepwear trend started? Here are some fun facts about sleepwear:

The origin of pajamas

Did you know that pajamas originally refers to the pants part alone? It is only later on that we have the silk pajama set where the bottoms are paired with a loose, comfy top.

The word “pajama” is derived from “pajamah” an Indian word for loose pants that are tied at the waist. These pants were so comfortable that the British colonials used them for napping in the afternoon and brought this trend with them in Britain. Since then, the outfit was considered as perfect for sleeping. More information on silk pajama on

Footed pajamas started for adults

Footed pajamas are now popular for kids but adults actually started the whole thing. Before, adults started sewing on socks to the bottom part of their pajamas. This was an effort not just to stay warm but also to prevent bugs from biting their feet.

Nightcaps have a purpose

Most people think nightcaps are too much for sleepwear these days but before, they were actually created for a purpose. It keeps a person’s head warm during the winter season while they slept so they do not have to place their blanket over their heads and risk suffocation. The long pointed night caps were actually designed to wrap around a person’s neck.

Pajamas are worn outdoors

Today, it is no longer surprising to see silk pajamas for women being strutted on the street. The trend actually started in the 1900s when Paul Poiret created silk pajamas as a fashion trend that can be worn in public.

Some pajamas are created stylishly that they can pass for an outdoor garment anytime. The level of comfort and ease of movement that they can give for the whole day just makes surviving each day a lot easier.